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Moistboyz  :  1.O (Fuck No) / Second Hand Smoker

Y'all mad mothers can take a step aside; here comes the strictly limited edition Moistboyz double A-side 7"

Second Hand Smoker / 1.0 (Fuck No)

This puppy comes with a printed inner sleeve and a dual sided cover displaying the outcome of what can happen to you if you take the Moistboyz by the word.

Too see the other side of the cover click here

Check out the live video of 1.0 (Fuck No) at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick in 95'. Get to know Guy Heller minus a few tattoos.
Live Video

Homepage of Moistboyz

7" 5.-- payments accepted in $ as well
(shipping included)

You can pay us by personal check as well in the UK

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