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Ween  :  La Cucaracha

Here comes the first full length Ween album in four years. The digi pack CD also contains
a fold-out “La Cucaracha” poster.

Here is what Dean Ween gives away so far: “The album kicks ass, I'm not really sure what
else to say about it other than I really can't wait for it's release. There's not a wasted minute
of music on there. We wrote and recorded a ton of material before we whittled it down to it's
present state. We recorded the album to two inch 24 track tape and it sounds amazing.
As always, it was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss. I really, I mean really can't wait
for you guys to hear it. I think you're gonna be floored.”

MOJO interview with Gene Ween: “So will this new-outlook Ween album make people incredibly happy or incredibly disturbed?”
“I think both. We’re songwriters. We just don’t limit ourselves.”

1. Fiesta
2. Blue Balloon
3. Friends
4. Object
5. Learnin To Love
6. My Own Bare Hands
7. The Fruit Man
8. Spirit Walker
9. Shamemaker
10. Sweetheart
11. Lullabye
12. Woman And Man
13. Your Party

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Digi Pack CD including fold-out poster + limited edition sticker £ 12,-- payments accepted in € or $ as well
(shipping included)

You can pay us by personal check as well in the UK or purchase it from Amazon

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