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Nick Oliveri  :  Leave Me Alone

Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity; Nick Oliveri has forged his through a long career of hard work and full command over his craft and his music. His new album, �LEAVE ME ALONE�, is a powerfully captivating proof of his multi-talented personality.

Recorded at Thunder Underground Studios in Palm Springs, CA. Oliveri plays all the instruments on this recording, including drums, guitar, bass and vocals. It features guitar solos from some special guests though, namely Phil Campbell from MOTORHEAD, Dean Ween (a.k.a. Mickey Moist) from WEEN and MOISTBOYZ, Stephen Haas from MOISTBOYZ, Mike Pygmie from MONDO GENERATOR, Marc Diamond from THE DWARVES and Bruno Fevery from KYUSS LIVES! and VISTA CHINO. There�s also a guest vocal by Blag Dahlia from THE DWARVES.

Produced by Oliveri himself, recorded by Harper Hug and Trevor Whatever, and mixed by Mathias Schneeberger.


Human Canonball Explodes (featuring Deen Ween of Ween and Moistboyz)
Keep Me In The Loop (featuring Stephen Haas of Moistboyz & Pure Luck)
Luv Is Fiction (featuring Lightnin' Woodcock and Marc Diamond of The Dwarves)
Come And You're Gone (featuring Marc Diamond and Blag Dhalia of The Dwarves)
The Robot Man (featuring Phil Campbell of Motorhead)
Get Lost (With Me) (featuring Rex Everything of Mondo Generator)
Leave Me Alone
The Void (featuring Bruno Fevery of Kyuss Lives! and Vista Chino)
Death Leads The Way (featruing Mike Pygmie of Mondo Generator and You Know Who)

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