Solid Bronze  :  The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is being released as a limited edition 7 inch yellow vinyl including a Lee Scratch Perry remix before the album drops.

The album was recorded at a relaxed pace by Mickey Melchiondo (Ween, Dean Ween Group, Moistboyz) at his studio in Lambertville, NJ with additional tracking done by the core band members in their respective home studios.

Dean Ween produced the record along with singer/songwriter Chris Harford and it was mastered by Tom Ruff (James Brown, Lester Young, Screaming Females) for Asbury Media in Asbury Park, NJ.

Solid Bronze founding members are Ian Everett and George Miller, who composed these songs as bass and drums duo, using naked rhythm as the focus and cornerstone in the recording process. Miller provided all the drums and percussion and Everett was responsible for bass, guitar and lead vocals.

The Invisible Man single features Music Hall of Fame guitarist Michael Kidd Funkadelic Hampton (Parliament, Funkadelic), and Atlanta-based hip hop artist CLEW on vocals.

Here is what the people involved are saying about it:

Dean Ween:
This is the dopest band and their record is the dopest record you will hear this year! And I am just not a fan, I’m a part time member!

Michael Hampton (Kidd Funkadelic):
I felt honoured to be invited to contribute to this inspiring collection of musicians and their musical ideas. I appreciate the opportunity to create and innovate -- unstoppable urges throughout my life.

Chris Harford:
Ian and George are two kind, creative souls who, among other musical ideas, are paying homage to those musicians who have come before them by sniffing out some funky grooves

Lee Scratch Perry:
I was having great fun in Negril (Jamaica) working on the Solid Bronze remix. Funk meets Dub Funky Funk to skunky Dub that is what is up! I only Dub righteousness and Dub Godlyness and I Dub righteous people. Have fun and play this dubby music until you heal from your pain and regain your brain and feel Happy Happy in Jesus name!

Solid Bronze (Ian Everett):
"Considering that George and I have only been making music as Solid Bronze for a short time, we've somehow already had some intense moments come our way. Recording with Mickey in his studio and working with him and Chris Harford to produce our record is alone something that still doesn't fully register with me.

Watching Kidd Funkadelic, whose records I've listened to since i was a teenager, sit right in front of me and play guitar all over our songs is a lifetime memory.

All of this and what might be the most unreal moment to me was hearing 'The Invisible Man' remixed by the one and only Lee "Scratch" Perry.
I got the email while I was waiting in my car and got to hear it loud right outta the gate. It was (still is) pretty hard to wrap my head around what was playing back, he took a song I've heard hundreds of times and made it something I could hear for the first time. George and I both take influence from his work and the album version of The Invisible Man itself is an example of that. It only made sense that when we were asked about remixing a song, all signs pointed to a dub version. I remember saying "something in the style of Lee 'Scratch' Perry" never once imagining it to be possible. The man is a living legend and his catalog is unparalleled, it's a humbling honor to be included."

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