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Speedway69 : Spam Dance

Speedway69   "Spam Dance"

SPEEDWAY 69 from Dortmund/Germany finish together with producer Kurt Ebelhäuser their chapter “punkrock socialisation” and make with “Spam Dance”, their best – and still wild – record.
The past live shows with big rock acts like Babyshambles, New Model Army, Dregde, Philip Boa, Gluecifer, or Smoke Blow made perfect sense, but…how can twelve songs on the one hand rock like hell and on the other hand still be so experimental? Zigzag course, laying carpets, misusing keyboards. We presume: you’ve got to want this. Really. For years. Playing together everywhere (Schuettorf and Los Angeles), giving everything, living it, being it, making it happen. And finally enter the cosmos of the remarkable.
Even though this might be the first SPEEDWAY 69 record you’re listening to – there was a foreshadow. The “Ruhrgebiet”, Europe’s most densely populated area, is impossible to overview.

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