Moistboyz “I&II”

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180 gram audiophile gatefold double LP set.



Moistboyz first started recording in 1992 as a part-time project of Guy Heller (False Front) and Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween of Ween). Originally released on Beastie Boys Grand Royal label, the albums are pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’roll, not unlike the Stooges albums, and sound as dynamic in 2007 as they did on their original release, with MOISTBOYZ II described as a devastating first-person critique of everything that makes America grate. Particularly effective are “Lazy And Cool”, and the hysterical, punk- rock amphetamine anthem “Crank”, featuring a grimly evocative knife-grinder solo. Scary by Andy Gill in The Independent upon its original release.

Moistboyz I & II contains both EPs that were released separately by Grand Royal on one CD and on limited edition double gatefold 180-gram vinyl now. This version also features the bonus trackMy War.

Moistboyz signature brand of rock and roll, like that of Ween, is often taken ironically by fans; some would even categorize them as comedy music, though they vehemently discourage this notion and argue that their entire purpose of the band is to support freedom of speech via rock n’ roll music.


Side A:


1.0 (Fuck No)

U Blow

Side B:

Supersoaker MD50

I Am The Jury

Adios Amigo

Side C:

It Ain’t True

Second Hand Smoker

Lazy And Cool

Rock, Stock, Barrel

Man Of The Year

Side D:

American Made and Duty-Free



Keep The Fire Alive

Good Morning America

My War (Bonus Track)


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