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SPEEDWAY 69 from Dortmund/Germany finish together with producer Kurt Ebelhäuser their chapter “punkrock socialisation” and make with “Spam Dance”, their best – and still wild – record.
The past live shows with big rock acts like Babyshambles, New Model Army, Dregde, Philip Boa, Gluecifer, or Smoke Blow made perfect sense, but…how can twelve songs on the one hand rock like hell and on the other hand still be so experimental? Zigzag course, laying carpets, misusing keyboards. We presume: you’ve got to want this. Really. For years. Playing together everywhere (Schuettorf and Los Angeles), giving everything, living it, being it, making it happen. And finally enter the cosmos of the remarkable.
Even though this might be the first SPEEDWAY 69 record you’re listening to – there was a foreshadow. The “Ruhrgebiet”, Europe’s most densely populated area, is impossible to overview.
There and everywhere else in the country SPEEDWAY69 played since 2000, practised, recorded, partied… The beautiful vinyl 10” “Back From El Ray!” was the debut, followed by a split EP with American “Still Dreadful”, who the quartet toured the US west coast with.
Punk and Rock – the four piece didn’t stop and kept enhancing: the first album “Now Denial” was recorded and followed by the 7” vinyl EP “The Velvet Lounge”, produced by Indie legend Philip Boa and released on the traditional underground label Empty Records.
In December 2005 Cadillac Michigan (vocals, guitar), Philipp (guitar), Olaf Gehrke (drums) and New York NY (bass) finally got together in Koblenz with Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail, Scumbucket) and recorded their brand-new album “Spam Dance”.

Extreme, dallying, classic, wrecked, danceable. Koblenz? Dortmund? World? SPEEDWAY69 smash gracefully everything, apparently looking and asking for more.
Heavy midtempo songs like “Lankshop” or the impulsively furious “The Day I Began To Dethrone Myself” are virgin soil. The energy is enormous but at the same time marvellously melodious and Ebelhäuser sensed that something slumbered under the surface. The spin doctor of German Indie flagships Blackmail and Scumbucket fame even enjoyed singing on the record and now roars like a lion on “Down With Tony Action”.
Who made this happen?
SPEEDWAY 69, four guys, who let go and know it’s the right thing for them to do now.
Who knows…“Spam Dance” might fill the dancefloors, make new friends and the live shows will blow everybody away and you will ask yourself “what was there first: record or stage?”. Wasn’t that the idea of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, Zeke Satan and God?

“Durchgehend abwechslungsreich und um Klassen besser als die letzten Foo Fighters-Alben. Ganz großes Kino. ”
OX Magazine ( 9 von 10 Punkte )

” Statt sturr zu riffen, setzen sie Akzente, die an Vorbilder in der US-Indie Szene erinnern. … Wer unaffektierten Rock`n`Roll mit einem schweinischen Drive liebt, dem fährt das Album in Bauch und Beine. Ungebremst.”
Visions ( “durchweg sehr gut” )

“Der Ruhrpott, das Schweden Deutschlands, köchelt auf gefährlich hoher Flamme. Und doch selten bekam man eine so gute Vorlage wie sie nun von Speedway69 bereits mit diesem Debüt zu geben imstande sind. …Eine sehr gute Platte, deren Kauf sich lohnt, die weit über dem Durchschnitt liegt und auch länger die heimische Bude rocken kann.”
Sweet Jane Music ( “Super”)

The Old Parts Of New York
Easy Guide To Fix Situations Like These
Don´t Break My Heart
The Day I Began To Dethrone Myself
Dance Spam Dance
An Urge To Keep What´s Good
Down With Tony Action
Velvet Lounge
Drive To Escondido
The Mystery Needle Show
Sonic Revolt


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